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As Seen In The Warren Times Observer!

Author: Follow the Eyes

April 20, 2023

Dear Editor,

This is a public “thank you” to the Warren Manor Skilled Nursing and Rehab Center, to the doctor, nurses, aides, therapist, cleaners, maintenance, office, and kitchen staff.

I know that health care facilities get bad comments. I’ve made them myself and yes I heard a number of times, “Get me out of here, I hate this place.”

My dear husband was one of them. It can be excused; many are there for long periods of time.

My husband has been in the hospital and rehab for over five months. It has not been easy for either of us. And he still has a ways to go to get his life back but he is home now.

There have been many blessings along the way.

We have met some of the hardest working, compassionate, and caring employees at Warren Manor. It is not just a job to many. They truly care for their patients. It is hard work and not always pleasant.

I wish I could list all their names but I don’t want to miss someone. You know who you are.

Northwest Pennsylvania and southwestern New York, you have a health care gem in Warren Manor.

Alice Certo,