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We have proudly served the Warren area and surrounding communities since 1984.

Welcome to Warren Manor & The HCF Family!

Whether our care is needed for a short period of time, or you have decided to call Warren Manor home, we are grateful you have chosen us. For over 50 years, our HCF Family has maintained a tradition of caring by compassionately providing care for each one of our residents and their families like our own.

Regardless of what stage of life you are in, we understand this transition is a significant change that requires immense trust in us. To be part of your chosen family is a tremendous honor and reward. Thank you for letting us show you what it means to be part of the HCF family!

As Seen In The Warren Times Observer! 

Dear Editor,

This is a public “thank you” to the Warren Manor Skilled Nursing and Rehab Center, to the doctor, nurses, aides, therapist, cleaners, maintenance, office, and kitchen staff.

I know that health care facilities get bad comments. I’ve made them myself and yes I heard a number of times, “Get me out of here, I hate this place.”

My dear husband was one of them. It can be excused; many are there for long periods of time.

My husband has been in the hospital and rehab for over five months. It has not been easy for either of us. And he still has a ways to go to get his life back but he is home now.

There have been many blessings along the way.

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What our clients are saying about us...

I enjoyed my stay at Warren Manor. Thank you for the wonderful care I received. The staff was great and my RN’s were the cream of the crop.

- M. Smith

I’ve been a resident of Warren Manor two different times. I have great respect for all the nursing staff and they have treated me the same way. Even though I know they are overworked at times, I still received excellent care. The therapy department is always working for our benefit and always finds a way to have some fun with us. The activity department is always coming up with things to do to keep us active and engaged with our fellow residents. The things I’ve learned here at Warren Manor will help me to live a more fulfilled life when I go home.

- M. Zaffino

My first experience was meeting all the cheerful people involved in my care. Stern, but in the end the results have been great. Being able to take care of myself is worth a million dollars. Thank goodness for all my great therapy. They make it feel like I’m doing something fun but at the same time my whole body is working very hard. Everyone in the Warren Manor has been very helpful to me in every way. Just to look at me now, you can tell I’ve come a long way. From the bottom of my heart, I thank each and every one.

- E. Kays